I have always had a fascination with The Divine. I was raised in the Catholic tradition, and I received my catechism and the early sacraments of baptism, confirmation and first communion, in the 1960’s – a radical time in Catholicism, with the establishment of Vatican II. During my youth, adolescence and young adulthood, I underwent the typical indoctrination and entrenchment in Catholic teachings and faith, and I had a sense of belonging, consistency and predictability, which I craved. I experienced a sense of direction, anchoring and steadiness in Catholic dogma, tradition and ceremony, which was lacking in my family and home life.

Like many of us, my awakening journey began in the mid- to late-1980’s, in my late 20’s, triggered by a devastating event in my personal life – a betrayal so painful, it led to the questioning and then crumbling of everything I had been taught to believe from childhood, about religion and the nature of The Divine.  Motivated by a profound sense of loss, I followed the quiet yet powerful inner urging to understand, clarify, and know for myself the truth about how life works and the authentic nature of The Divine, and my relationship to it and through it and with it.  I had been scared and worried as long as I could recall, but rather than surrender to that, I chose to use it as fuel for my inner search, my desire to satisfy this deeper knowing that there was more going on that I currently understood, and if I would pursue this thread, eventually I would get perfect clarity for myself – and then I could show others who were looking for a way out of fear and into freedom.

Along the way (as a result?), I encountered conditions, experiences and people to support me in that inner urging – I see it as following the breadcrumbs along the path.   

Ultimately, I have come to understand and know that I am – we all are – a participant in this experience of Life, not a passive observer. Thoughts matter and when we are willing to examine our thoughts and beliefs (willingness alone is a profound catalyst!), there is a scientific and spiritual alchemy that occurs inside us which then affects and changes the outer world that we experience. In my quest for the truth, I have personally experienced through observation what quantum physics is now demonstrating – human beings are creators of their own experience of Life, whether they know it or not.

I share directly from my own experience. As a single mother, I had struggles and miracles, financial and personal. I continue to study scripture, science and spirituality and personalize that wisdom. It's not enough to know the information, it's vital to know how to personalize it.  I assist clients and audiences to give themselves permission to believe deeper truths and achieve their desires and goals.

It is my intention to assist my fellow Human Beings by shedding light on the journey – it is my greatest desire that, what took me almost 30 years to quantify, you can glean and download in minutes and start changing your experience immediately.