Mary Jo (MJ) Bull, RT (former), RMP is a long-time disciple of the principles of self-actualization, and expert on The Law of Attraction (LOA). She is also a seasoned medical professional and committed spiritual seeker.

In her early adult years, MJ indulged her life-long fascination with medicine and pursued her degree in Radiological Technology. After graduation from college, she worked for several years in a hospital setting as a Registered Radiologic Technologist. Eventually, she also became interested in alternative medicine, and decided to study Reiki, a form of hands-on energy healing. She has been certified as a Reiki Master Practitioner since 2005.
MJ uses her practical and psychic gifts -- honed over decades of personal spiritual and scientific study -- to assist her fellow human beings through the process of conscious awakening occurring on our planet today. In her late 20's, MJ experienced a personal betrayal so devastating, it ultimately changed the trajectory of her life.  Following a palpable desire to heal her pain, she used her intense emotional and psychological pain as fuel to learn the truth of how life works, and she spent years studying spiritual and scientific concepts and then implementing those concepts in her life -- she was her own guinea pig and knows how to recognize blind spots and pitfalls along the path of life! 

MJ has been speaking about the principles of self-actualization and the Law of Attraction for more than 10 years.  She has dedicated her life to the archaelogy of a live well-lived and assisting others who want to do the same.  She curated Meetup groups for many years and was discovered by the late Tre Black, founder of Source Energy Radio, as he was working to get his internet radio site up and running.  Tre featured MJ on a weekly show from November 2009 until his sudden death in March 2010.  MJ continued speaking publicly, hosting her own show for several years on BlogTalk Radio, speaking to Meetup groups and appearing as a guest on other internet radio shows.

As her psychic and intuitive gifts have unfolded, Mary Jo has evolved as spiritual teacher, deeply committed to a profound understanding of Human Consciousness, and the evolution that is underway at this time.