The Keys to Happiness
& Success Are in Your Grasp

Sometimes, we seek guidance to help us identify our strengths and "blind spots," unlock passions and let go of old patterns, and find fulfilment. It's about moving forward. It's not about therapy or counseling. It's about taking control.

Working with Mary Jo, you'll get to experience a different way of examining the past and your present experience, looking at what is possible, and how to achieve a goal or identify the source of suffering, confusion and pain. Challenges and obstacles are simply a part of life, but how you decide to look at them makes all the difference.


If you are ready to change your life and your experience, it's easier than you believe, when your motivation is clear and driven by truth.

  • Relationship & Intimacy
  • Emotional Processing
  • Motivation & Time Management
  • Health, Lifestyle & Aging
  • Spirituality & Personal Growth
  • Purpose & Life Direction
  • Stress Management

Mary Jo has been so instrumental in my ability to really tap into the universe and be truly present. Our conversations have helped guide me in my meditations and because of her guidance, amazing things have come to pass. A few days after one of our recent conversations I won a major contract for work which helped alleviate some major financial issues I was having. Just simple guidance and shifts in the way you ask and pray for things makes a huge difference. Her wisdom and counsel has been so helpful to me over the years and I truly appreciate her presence in this world! ~ Amy, Virginia

I have been a receptive listener since around 2010.  Mary Jo's openness about her own life, explained in ways that are relevant as well as relatable, have so often spoken to my soul.  She has contributed to my spiritual growth in helping me see things in a different way.  Her desire to help others with her compassion and sincerity is evident.  As we are spiritual beings have a physical, human experience, she guides us to remember who we really are.   ~ Gloria, Oklahoma