I Can Help!

"Mary Jo has been so instrumental in my ability to really tap into the universe and be truly present. Our conversations have helped guide me in my meditations and because of her guidance, amazing things have come to pass. A few days after one of our recent conversations I won a major contract for work which helped alleviate some major financial issues I was having. Just simple guidance and shifts in the way you ask and pray for things makes a huge difference. Her wisdom and counsel has been so helpful to me over the years and I truly appreciate her presence in this world!" 

~ Amy, Virginia

"Where do I begin?"  I hear this quite often.  Happily, we start where we are -- it's not necessary to excavate the past (what a relief!).  Working with me, you'll get to experience a different way of examining your situation.  One of my gifts is a laser-like focus that enables me to move through layers of experience, to get right to the heart of the matter.  I see people's "blind spots" which keep them stuck.  Once the client is aware of the "blind spot," it's as though a door unlocks and the block releases.  I help my clients recognize and release old patterns and beliefs.  Then they can begin to bridge from their current experience, to a new reality.  They are empowered to take control of their life and live happier and more joyful experiences!

Some questions for your consideration:

  • Do you frequently feel scared and worried, and can't explain why?
  • Do you have a hard time controlling your thoughts, laying in bed at night and fixating on what went wrong that day?
  • Do you get the sense that there's more to life than what you are currently aware of, but you have no idea where to start to examine that idea?
  • Are you currently experiencing a lot of chaos, upheaval or lack in any areas of your life?
  • Are you currently experiencing health problems, that seem to come out of nowhere?

Using The AUBE Method I assist you:

  • to recognize and break old patterns.
  • in gaining clarity around the situation and how to reach the solution.
  • in personalizing key information in a way that feels logical, practical and safe.