Change is Inevitable.  Pain is Optional.

When you desire to make changes in your life, workshops and webinars are an effective, dynamic and supportive avenue to self-empowerment.  Valuable insights, ephiphanies and "ah ha!" moments happen when people come together to catalyze change.

I have extensive experience working with groups to facilitate change and broaden paths to learning and new understandings. 


Check this page often, for event updates!  Subject matter includes:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Moving Through Emotion
  • Overcoming Conditioning and Early Programming
  • What is the Law of Attraction?
  • Marrying Science & Spirituality
  • Rehabilitating Religious Beliefs

The gift Mary Jo brings to her spiritual teachings is her ability to simplify and ground spiritual truths in a way that enables you to easily understand and integrate them into your life. Mary Jo is a natural story teller and you'll find her entertaining sense of humor makes her a joy to learn from. Compassionate, patient, and to the point, she is a woman who walks her talk and speaks her truth. I know, I've watched her do it for 20 years.  Susan Liesemer, Heart of the Matter LLC, Oregon